10 Jun
Five steps to starting a micro-enterprise

Five steps to starting a micro-enterprise

In our first online Micro-enterprise workshop, four keen entrepreneurs learned how to turn their idea into a feasible business venture! People Services Manager Lisa James sheds some insight on what went on during our inaugural five week program in April. 

Developing your idea 

Each participant worked with their support worker to develop the idea they identified from completing their Discovery Process. This is where they assessed the feasibility of their idea and if it would be successful. 

Making a plan 

With support from One2One, attendees mapped out the financial risks, how the business would be managed, and legal requirements. They then used this information to create a formal business plan. 

Training and practical skills 

In week 3, we covered training and practical skills to put the micro-enterprise into action. Our entrepreneurs learned how to: 

  • Streamline the production of a product 
  • Develop new skills to deliver services  
  • Brand and market their products 

Finding support 

As we get ready to start our businesses, the group discussed what support is available to startups from your local council and various organisations. This includes how Workpower can support you to launch and grow your business. 

Measuring success 

For our final session we discussed tax obligations and how to report and measure the success of your business. The One2One team also provided opportunities for grants and supports to assist in their entrepreneur journey.  

From idea to business venture 

Each week attendees completed tasks with their support workers to help them prepare their plans and gain skills and knowledge to help them succeed.  

It was truly encouraging to see the amazing progress each person made each week! The workshops were a great way to share their successes and triumphs and challenges of each stage. 

We’ll be sharing the success stories of Veneza, Ethan, Dale, and Kasey shortly, so watch this space for more! For further info about our customised employment supports, get in touch with us today.