24 Apr
FOGO system to lead the way for WA recycling

FOGO system to lead the way for WA recycling

In early Feb the State Government announced a push for the three-bin system across WA. Here’s more about the trial and how we got involved!

A waste problem

Currently, WA produces some of the highest amounts of waste as compared to other states. Each West Australian produces about 2,500 kg waste per year. But under the new Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030, the state aims to reduce this by 20% and reduce landfill waste by 15%.

A major part of this strategy is the rollout of the three-bin FOGO system. This will be implemented across the whole Perth Metro and Peel regions by 2025.

The Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) system introduces an additional red-top bin for non-recyclable waste. It works like this:

  • Green bin: this is your FOGO bin for all food, garden, and organic waste
  • Red bin: for your general household rubbish, polystyrene, and soft plastics
  • Yellow bin: recycle your clean and loose paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum, and plastic here

With the FOGO system we can significantly reduce waste and contamination in the recycling process. Keep an eye out for news from your local council about the new system!

City of Cockburn and Melville FOGO trial

Households in the City of Melville and City of Cockburn have operated on a FOGO trial for the past few years. Our Property Services team was contacted to assist with the bin rollout in September 2017. This involved the assembly and distribution of 28,000 bins for the City of Cockburn over a three year period.

We’re so glad to be able to contribute towards this great initiative and support the future of WA recycling. So far both trials show encouraging results, with 66.5% of City of Melville household waste being converted into compost or recycled.

Under this system, non-organic items and waste will now go into the new red bins. But did you know that our Balcatta Recycling Shop can sustainably recycle items like polystyrene and soft plastic?

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