18 Sep
Four key skills learned in Performing Arts

Four key skills learned in Performing Arts

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Apart from dance moves, our Performing Arts cast build important skills each week that help them work towards their goals and aspirations. Here are just four key skills they develop during rehearsal. 

Movement and awareness 

Each workshop starts with a warm up, where each person chooses their favourite stretch to show others. It’s a popular activity, which is no surprise as it’s a good chance to lead the class by demonstrating the exercise.  

Through different dance routines everyone moves their body in different ways and learns new styles from each other. They also gain awareness of their bodies, how they move, and how others move around them. 


Each workshop is designed to build this foundational skill in various ways. Program Facilitator Sonni uses a range of challenging, sensory activities where everyone needs to be attentive and focus on the task at hand.  

One such game includes sitting in a circle holding hands – one person will give a gentle squeeze in one direction which gets passed on in silence. Afterwards, additional squeezes are passed along in the opposite direction which makes this more challenging. Each participant plays a key role in making sure the game continues.  


Being creative comes in many forms which we explore during workshops. From the start of the year each participant is encouraged to think outside the box for ideas towards the annual performance. They: 

  • Brainstormed new theme ideas 
  • Created their own individual acts 
  • Made suggestions for props, costumes, music, and even staging! 

Their individual and group acts are a platform to show off their unique interests, skills, and express their creative selves. They also build this skill through musical interpretation and other abstract thinking activities.  


While teamwork is a major factor of the workshop, Performing Arts is great for building the confidence and independence to own the stage.  

By developing their awareness, focus, creativity skills our cast learn to make their own choices about what they want. This allows them to take ownership of not just their performance, but to achieve their greater goals and dreams! 

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