30 Oct
Four key steps to our planting process

Four key steps to our planting process

With spring here it’s all hands-on deck at the Wholesale Nursery this season! Our production team just started the next round of cuttings that will be ready for distribution next winter. 

We offer a range of groundcovers, shrubs, rushes, flowering plants, and advanced trees, with over 200 different species growing at one time. In this new series you’ll find out exactly why our plants are bred to thrive. You’ll also learn about: 

  • our strict quality controls 
  • our sustainable industry practices 
  • how we support people with disability 

Stage 1 – Propagation and seeding 

This process begins in August with the careful selection of the best quality cutting stock. These cuttings will then grow into beautiful native varieties that last.  

As part of our process we use insulated heat mats to stimulate root growth. In addition to cuttings we also propagate using seed, division, and tissue culture.  

In September as the weather warms up we start seeding our revegetation species, which we’ll cover in detail later on.  

During this initial stage we use cool rooms and specially built tunnels to germinate and cultivate plants, allowing controlled temperature and light conditions depending on the plant type for best results. We also use insulated heat mats to stimulate root growth. This is a key step that ensures our species grow effectively and to schedule. 

Stage 2 – Filtered exposure 

Once a certain size, they are moved to our shade house where filtered light helps them grow to the right size for potting. 

Stage 3 – Potting 

Our Nursery team and Supported staff work together to prepare and pot each plant for the next step. Depending on the species, they are moved in batches to areas with more exposure to the elements.  

They remain there for a period of time in order to adjust to the climate, before moving into the full sun, where they harden off so when planting have a greater chance of survival in the harsh elements. We continue this until they are ready to for distribution. 

This process of gradual exposure ensures that our plants grow accustomed to the environment. It also means they are long-lasting and bred to adjust well to future changes in climate.  

Stage 4: Preparation for dispatch 

From here our supported dispatch team carefully select and grade our highest quality stock for clients. They ensure that the plants are well maintained and prepared for distribution. 

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