28 Jul
From lunch orders to caregiving, Madison’s volunteering unlocks employment skills

From lunch orders to caregiving, Madison’s volunteering unlocks employment skills

25-year-old Madison Sedgwick has the same amount of hours in her day as everyone else, yet she seems to be going above and beyond to reach her goal of working in the hospitality industry whilst giving back to the community.

Over the past two months, Madison who has mild cerebral palsy has been volunteering within the canteen once a week at Inglewood Primary School.

This opportunity, provides Madison with the chance to learn a whole new skill set – which will help her toward securing a job within the hospitality industry.

“We do a variety of tasks before recess like taking orders and organising them, making assorted goods like protein balls and muffins, and getting ready for recess,” Madison said.

Madison is accompanied by her Support Coach Taylah who is there to provide encouragement at every step of the way.

“I also get to handle money, which is an area I’m wanting to improve in, so Taylah helps me with that.”

Being able to interact with the students at lunch times is a highlight for Madison, as she enjoys the chats with the kids and helping them with their orders.

Supports that help to reach goals

Madison’s Support Coach Taylah Morgan may be new to the organisation, after a growth in Workpower’s talented support worker base, but has hit the ground running.

Joining in on the volunteer placements, Taylah provides the support that Madison needs, whilst also encouraging her to push herself to take on new responsibilities.

“While I love to get involved and give guidance and assistance where needed, Madison’s extremely independent, ,” Taylah said.

“Once she feels confident in a task, she doesn’t need my help.”

It’s a team mentality for Madison and Taylah who complete all the canteen duties with can-do attitudes and positive outlooks.

Inglewood Primary School Canteen staff are pleased with Madison’s hard work every Monday.

“The team at Inglewood has commented on what a delight Madison is to work with,” Taylah said.

“They are helpful and patient, taking the time to explain tasks. They are always satisfied with the work that she does.”

Workplace experience

It’s clear that Madison is a hard worker and is taking every opportunity that presents itself.

Not only does she volunteer every Monday at Inglewood Primary, but Madison is also completing volunteer placements at St John of God Hospital and at King Edwards Memorial Hospital on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Learning new skills and getting real workplace experiences to allow people like Madison to work towards employment goals, also helps in building confidence and social skills along the way.

Workpower is dedicated to working with people with disability to create personalised supports, identifying what they want to achieve, whether that be within an employment scope, or personal development goals. If you’re interested in finding out more about our NDIS supports, get in touch with our Manager Customer Engagement today on 0419 904 202.