27 Jun
Full-time on a wonderful career for Leigh

Full-time on a wonderful career for Leigh

It was a time for celebration as Workpower employee Leigh Johnson called it a day on his 17-year-long packaging and warehousing career as he heads into retirement.

Surrounded by his work colleagues, both past and present, it was clear the impact Leigh has had on Workpower over his time here.

Known for his thoughtfulness, compassion and being caring, Leigh will be a missed member of the team.

Dedicated career

Leigh began his Workpower journey at our Bassendean site before moving to the Malaga site in 2009.

Assembling Flytraps for Tradeware was one of Leigh’s favourite jobs, as well as working on the Australian Handyman contract packaging fence and post-brackets.

Leigh was a safety champion at site, encouraging the team to be safety conscious by keeping the work areas tidy and ensuring chairs were pushed in.

Sporting surprise

One thing about Leigh, he has a wealth of knowledge of all things sport, especially when it comes to his beloved West Coast Eagles.

Leigh was understandably stoked when Eagles player Zac Langdon took the time to pop down to the warehouse and offer him his well wishes.

Gifted with a pair of footy boots and team apparel from Zac, plenty of photos were taken to remember the special moment, not that Leigh would soon forget it.

Memories to last a lifetime

Along with his new photos, it was a special time when Leigh sat with Business Enterprise Supervisor and good friend Andy Shaw, to create a photo album full of memories.

“It was really nice to spend part of his last day with him chatting about everyone in the photos,” Andy said.

“We chatted about how he’s loved being a part of the family here and what he’s got planned for the future.”

Throughout his time Leigh has made great bonds with his colleagues, even making nicknames up such as ‘Old Bean’, ‘Lovely Lady’, ‘Old Man’ and ‘Brotha from anotha Mutha’!

The regular chats about all things sport and music will be truly missed.

Parting words of wisdom

Presented with his photo album and some nice leaving gifts, it was over to Leigh to say his final goodbye to the team

“I want to thank you all for being my friends and working with me. You’ve all been there for me when I needed to talk and I’ve loved working here,” Leigh said.

“Thank you all and I’m really going to miss everyone!”

As he walked out of the doors for the last time, the Malaga team was left with a very Leigh-style goodbye with a “Hasta la vista baby!”

Enjoy a well-earned retirement, Leigh.

Thanks for all the good times.