20 Apr
Gearing up for another stellar Performing Arts year!

Gearing up for another stellar Performing Arts year!

After a stellar 2017 with the Performing Arts and Music Rocks show, All Aboard!, this year’s program is bigger and better than ever! We talk about some exciting new additions to the program.

Off to a great start

We kicked off our program┬áseveral weeks ago and welcomed back last year’s Performing Arts stars. It’s only been a few weeks of classes, but everyone is already engaged and keen to get involved!

This year we’ve welcomed new participants Amanda, Jessica, Peter and Brayden, who have now settled well into the program. Our dedicated support staff are back too, with some new additions. It’s great to see a high level of motivation and commitment so early on in the program!

New changes

Last year‘s big performance focused on working together as a team and developing stagecraft. This involved a strong awareness of the audience and others around them.

This year’s program builds on this, with the addition of extra dance classes. 45 minutes before the main class begins, a special session is held for participants interested in exploring movement and different kinds of music. The performers have shown great initiative and enthusiasm, and have made incredible progress so far! And as the weeks go by, they’ll be challenging themselves with dance routines and choreography, along with more acting and singing activities.

One of the most popular activities included in the program is Show & Tell. Participants volunteer to bring in one of their prized possessions and share a story about it. The others then ask questions at the end of the presentation. It’s a wonderful activity that gets everyone involved, and gives the participant a moment to shine and a boost in self-confidence. You couldn’t wipe the smiles off of their faces!

We can’t wait to hear more news about the program and the big production this year.

If you missed All Aboard! last year, here’s the Behind the Scenes of the production!

For more information about what Performing Arts programs are available, contact Bithika Kastha today at (08) 9445 6552. And for further details about what our Community Programs has to offer, feel free to call us on 1800 610 665.