02 Jun
Get upcycling at home

Get upcycling at home

During the closure of the Balcatta Recycling Shop in April we asked our patrons on social media to share with us what they were doing during isolation. Several people told us that they were busy with different DIY and upcycling projects at home. 

What a great way to keep busy and get creative! We thought it would be fantastic to share some of the terrific projects our customers have made over the years from secondhand materials. Hopefully these might inspire you to try upcycling yourself. 

Statement furniture 

Vintage is always classic and a number of our customers have added a touch of elegance by picking up good quality household furniture from us.  

With a quick sand, varnish, and paint these old-fashioned pieces now make homely additions to your living space. 

Costumes and sets 

Finding the right accessories for a play or show can be difficult and often expensive. The easiest way is to make your own, like some of our regulars.  

The team donated some buckets to our Performing arts’ group. They were used to make colourful bucket drums which feature in each year’s annual performance. 

Another of our customers took a plain dining chair and made a regal throne for her primary school classroom! 

Mosaic masterpieces 

Out of the many DIY creations our customers have come up with, mosaic artwork is one of the most popular projects!  

We have received so many gorgeous and innovative uses of secondhand tiles to decorate many tables, flower pots, mirrors, and garden ornaments. Here is just one beautiful example.  

A toy train 

Who knew you could make a working miniature train with things found in your home? One of our customers used secondhand items to make these locomotives for families and children to enjoy at the local Stirling Miniature Railway

How amazing are these creations? We’re truly inspired by your work! Not only is it innovative and creative, but a great way to save money, resources, and reuse your items. 

Want to get started on your next DIY project? Then drop by our shop and see what you can find! Our secondhand store and drop off facility is now open.  

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