14 May
Getting active with online supports

Getting active with online supports

Do you have a fitness goal you’d like to achieve? Or want to be more active?  

With the cold season approaching, this is the time to set up a fitness routine to help you stay fit and healthy during winter.  

After a fantastic first month our online support sessions are continuing with some exciting changes. This includes lots of different ways to build strength, agility, and get fit while at home! 

What’s new? 

Our exercise sessions cater to a range of interests and levels. In each session our instructors will guide you through each move and support you to get the most out of the activity.  

We’ve now introduced a relaxing, meditative yoga practice to our program. This lets you stretch, increase flexibility, and get ready for more activity in the rest of the week! 

You can now choose from: 

  • Yoga: Relax with stretches and breathing practices 
  • Movement activity: Activate the whole body with different poses 
  • Chair dancing: Shake those arms and legs to your favourite songs 
  • Dance party: Get the heart rate up and groove with new dance moves 
  • Boxing: Squat, twist, and jab with this fun cardio session 
  • Jujitsu: Build strength, flexibility, and learn self-defence skills 

Download the Online Supports Calendar 18th – 29th May 2020 HERE. 

Doing regular exercise is a great way to stay healthy and connected. Why not join the team and have some fun with it! 

Book a session today! 

On top of our active sessions, we have skill-based activities like our circus workshop to try out. Not to mention our popular sing-a-long and karaoke sessions. There’s plenty to keep you engaged and active. 

You can choose to register into individual sessions or on an ongoing basis. For any questions regarding registration, please contact Natalie Then on email or 0466 496 56. For further information about our supports speak to Nat Katsaros on email or 0438 995 516.