25 Dec
Giving thanks to our sustainable partners!

Giving thanks to our sustainable partners!

It’s almost Christmas and a time for giving – but it’s not the only period of the year for thinking of others. Today we’d like to thank some of our generous partners who’ve made a big difference in 2019! 

Geared up for work  

When a business must cut their losses, disposing of bulk stock in landfill is a costly and wasteful way to go. So why not donate?  

Professional clothing business Workwear Group decided to do just that. They donated hundreds of professional work boots, shirts, and pants to us early this year. These garments are high quality, brand new, and have been saved from landfill!  

Here’s what they shared with us: 

“As a large international organisation we believe strongly in equal employment opportunities for all. We take pride in donating to organisations such as Workpower, who provide opportunities for people with disability. We are happy we can make a small difference.” 

A local small business owner also reached out to us to donate a range of work and PPE clothing. He was very pleased to know his wares will be put to good use supporting others. 

A lifetime of entertainment 

At the start of the year we talked with a customer who didn’t know what to do with the thousands of DVDs, games, and tv shows inherited from his son. He chose to avoid a large dumping fee and to give others the chance to enjoy the collection by dropping them off with us. 

CDs, tapes, and records may be a thing of the past for some, but they only grow in value as retro classics and pop culture collectables. Our customers can now enjoy them all.  

Giving goes a long way 

When you donate to us, your items keep giving long after they’ve left your possession. In addition to the environmental benefits, donations help us support locals and others in the community in need of assistance or experiencing hard financial times. 

In fact, much of what we receive we pass onto local schools, community groups, and charities, like we did this year.

Thank you all for your tremendous contributions! Your partnership goes a long way in helping us protect the environment, support people with disability, as well as our community. 

If you want to know about our other partnership opportunities, then get in touch with us through email or at 1800 610 665.