06 Jul
Good times online with Performing arts

Good times online with Performing arts

One of the programs that we’ve been able to continue during COVID-19 is our Performing arts class. While we’re unable to meet up in person, it doesn’t stop us from having fun and engaging with friends. 

Since our online support program began in April, our participants have the opportunity to join in online wherever they are. This is important, as many of us find it harder to interact with others when we’re stuck at home. It can also feel quite lonely.  

Seeing familiar faces and doing activities together was a good way to reconnect and offer support to our participants. 

Having fun online 

Just because we can’t meet in person doesn’t mean we can’t have a great time. During our online sessions we: 

  • Played the drums as a group  
  • Made DIY shakers to play music 
  • Practiced dance moves to popular songs 
  • Tried out different interactive guessing games 

It sure has been fun to move, sing together, and shake off the winter chills!  

In addition to this, the sessions give us a chance to get to know each participant and their unique interests. We’ve had lots of show and tell sessions where attendees have shared what they’ve been up to since we last met in person. Sounds like we’ve all been keeping busy baking, playing musical instruments, scrapbooking, and going on nature walks. 

To ensure safety, many of our Performing arts attendees join us from our Workpower centres or during supports at the park or another location.  

We look forward to welcoming back the rest of our members either in person or online over the next few weeks! 

Keen to try it for yourself? We’d love for you to join us! Contact us on email or at 1800 610 665 today to begin. You can find out more about the program here