15 Nov
Green team sets new winter record

Green team sets new winter record

Alisha and Sarah work hard to keep up with the latest orders.

2019 was a busy year and our team gave it their all to deliver on the many orders received for winter. Together we smashed multiple records for our seeded, propagated, potted, and dispatched stock!  

In the last financial year we: 

  • Grew over 1.6 million seeded and 831,000 potted stock for revegetation 
  • Propagated 385,000 plants and potted 235,000 for landscaping  

A number of major commercial contracts contributed to this influx in requests. As a result, our nursery has been running at full capacity! 

Supporting local developments

As the chosen greenstock supplier for the Northlink Project since 2017, we work closely with various organisations to deliver results as the project moves towards the final stage. 

Since July last year we supplied over 400,000 seedlings and mature trees for Stage 2 with Great Northern Connect. And for Stage 3 we’ve secured a $900,000 landscaping contract with CPB Contracting – our largest one year contract to date! 

With this many plants on order, we’ve got a devoted Environmental team working nonstop during winter. In the past few months alone they’ve planted over 152,000 plants. 

A dream green team 

None of this would be possible without the tremendous collaboration and effort of our Nursery and Environmental teams.  

A project of this size and scale has never been tackled before, but everyone has risen to the challenge with huge success. Despite increased demand we’ve ensured that every plant grown from the Nursery is of the highest quality. Each unit was carefully seeded, weeded, potted, and prepped by hand by our dedicated potting team.  

From there plants are delivered to site and installed as per project requirements by our experienced on-site team. Well done to all teams for your commitment to quality and teamwork!  

With years’ of experience in managing environmental projects and commercial properties, we can take care of all your project needs. Contact us at (08) 9375 4950 or on email today.