14 May
Greg overcomes new challenges at Return-It Malaga

Greg overcomes new challenges at Return-It Malaga

Greg used to work on contracts at our Packaging and Warehousing in Malaga. But when an opportunity to work at the Return-It refund point for Containers for Change came about, he was keen to be involved. Within months, Greg overcame the challenge of his new busy environment and now thrives in his workplace. 

Working at the refund point 

In October last year Greg joined a small team in a fast-paced environment where every day brings a new challenge. This is a Containers for Change refund point in Malaga that we operate on behalf of Return-It. Every day customers deposit containers through a vending machine that transports the items to bins for sorting and delivery for processing. 

As a Depot Hand Greg keeps an eye on incoming containers and makes sure they’re going in the right bins. He sorts the containers into groups of glass, paper, and plastic. When full, he rotates the bins and prepares them for pick up by the truck. 

Challenge accepted 

When Greg first started at Return-It Malaga, there were no sorting machines to transfer bottles into bins according to their material type. Everyone had to work together to collect bottles, sort them correctly, and transfer them to the bins manually.  

Depending on how many customers visited, things could get quite busy through the day. Especially when there was a constant flow of containers coming through.  

This fast paced environment was a big change for Greg and didn’t suit everyone. But it was a challenge he soon overcame and thrived in. 

Out of the team he was the first to find his groove at work and learn all the tasks for the job. Now an expert at the job, Greg and his coworkers work independently to keep containers moving through efficiently. 

Working with Return-It 

Return-It Business Manager Jeremy has run the Malaga refund point since it opened last year. Since then he’s developed a great relationship with our employees, especially Greg.  

“Greg is a great worker: he loves coming to work,” says Jeremy.  

“We have a good relationship and banter with each other every day.” 

Having motivated and efficient workers is not only great for business but creates an enjoyable working environment. Greg enjoys keeping busy and engaged, and has built good connections to teammates at work.  

Working at the refund point has created new opportunities for employees to improve skills, grow friendships, and work towards their goals. 

New positions are now available at Return-It refund points at Malaga and Welshpool. If you’d like to find out more then contact us at 1800 610 665 or send us an email today.