28 Aug
Growing capabilities through SHP

Growing capabilities through SHP

One of our main aims for the School Holiday Program is delivering memorable experiences for the people with disability we support. Often this includes doing activities that may push them out of their comfort zone but help them develop new capabilities.  

Building skills and having different experiences helps them build confidence, pursue interests, and work towards their goals. It’s a critical part of development that we aim to achieve with all our supports. 

Important social skills 

By bringing together people from different walks of life, we help SHP attendees build key social skills. And by using different forms of communication like sign language and visuals, Jessy felt that her child could better understand others and build confidence in speaking. 

“My child benefited from developing social skills and connections outside her school and home. [Especially] by engaging with different age groups and children her age.” 

For another participant’s mother, it was important for her daughter to spend time with other children as an only child. Through her time with us she interacted with others and learned acceptable social behaviour.  

Learning to be independent 

Another key skill to develop is a confidence to try new experiences and do things alone.   

Having fun without mum is an important skill for one mother, Rosanna. She wanted her daughter to feel comfortable being independent and to pursue her own interests.  

Rosanna was pleased to see from our regular updates that her daughter was enjoying the activities when she wasn’t around. 

Having a good time and building independence and confidence helped participants improve other areas as well: 

“My child is a fussy and picky eater, but whenever she returned home after the program she had an improved appetite as the supports were mentally and physically stimulating for her,” says Jessy.  

She also mentioned that SHP had helped to ease her child’s anxiety and let her enjoy her time with others. 

These are fantastic outcomes that we hope to keep supporting people to achieve through our range of supports. 

Our School Holiday Program is a fantastic initiative that provides tailored supports from people with disability ages 7 – 17. Interested in our upcoming September program? Get in touch with us on 1800 610 665 or through email today.