20 Nov
Guests captivated by The Wow Factor!

Guests captivated by The Wow Factor!

Guests enjoyed a terrific night of entertainment, excitement, and laughs at our long-awaited performance The Wow Factor last Saturday. Curtin Theatre was packed with around 300 families, staff, and locals who came to see our Performing Arts cast put on a show we’ll never forget! 

Have you got “The Wow Factor?” 

Amanda’s voice captivated the audience – not a sound was heard during her song.

For our sixth performance we decided to mix things up with an exciting talent show contest. Each act highlighted a different skill, passion, or characteristic that makes our performers unique.  

A panel of judges were invited on stage to help us decide whether they had the ‘Wow Factor’ or not. We certainly saw plenty of enthralling, terrific acts worthy of the title! 

This includes: 

  • A visit from the Ghostbusters 
  • Salsa dancing and a dramatic duet  
  • A lively Beatles medley and rock band performance 
  • A terrifying Star Wars duel and kung-fu display 

We also saw an epic ‘Dynamite vs Kryptonite’ drum battle to Michael Jackson’s Beat It. This was performed on bucket drums decorated by the cast.  

And to top it all off, 2019 Nexus Art Grant recipient Amanda brought tears to our eyes with a rendition of Pink’s hit song, A Million Dreams!  

A night to remember 

It’s Ghostbusting time with (L to R) Nick, Nikita, Kyah, John, and support staff.

It was certainly an occasion to celebrate as our cast received deafening applause at the close of the show. Workpower Executive Manager Customer Engagement Vikki Lahore congratulated the performers on another standout show. 

The Wow Factor is a celebration of our performers’ achievements and an opportunity for them to showcase their talents and vast potential to the greater community,” said Ms Lahore. 

“It was a terrific to see the joy and pride on each performer’s face in what they’ve accomplished.” 

Our Performing Arts program supports people with disability to develop key life skills, build confidence, and express themselves through art and theatre. This helps increase their independence, and for many is a vital step towards realising their aspirations. 

A big thank you to our major supporters Lotterywest and Smart Fleet, the team at John Curtin College of the Arts, and all the volunteers and staff who made The Wow Factor possible. And finally, thank you to our participants and their families for their ongoing support towards this big day! 

For more about our Performing Arts or other support programs, get in touch with us at 1800 610 665 or via email