27 Jul
Who can help me with my first NDIS plan?

Who can help me with my first NDIS plan?

If you’re heading into your first meeting with an NDIA representative, you may have some questions about what happens, what you need to prepare, and who will work with you to develop your plan.

Not to worry, as there’s plenty of support available! Here’s what you need to know to get started.

The first meeting

Once you’ve been confirmed eligible for the NDIS, an NDIA representative will be in contact to initiate the planning conversation.

They will most likely contact you by phone or make alternative arrangements if needed. In this meeting, you will discuss:

  • Your current situation
  • Any current mainstream and community supports
  • Your everyday activities and any support you need
  • Your short and long-term goals

You can prepare for this conversation by checking out these questions beforehand. We can also work with you one-on-one to develop your NDIS goals and objectives.

Your first NDIS plan is formed from this meeting, and you will receive written confirmation once it’s approved. From here, you may be introduced to other individuals who can help you further develop and implement your plan. They include:

Local Area Coordinators (LACs)

In WA, LACs are available to help participants with developing, planning, and implementing your plan. They are your direct contact to the NDIS, and can:

  • Help you understand the NDIS
  • Provide info and connect you with community supports
  • Connect you with local providers

Support Coordinators

After your initial meeting, support coordination may be included as part of your plan if considered a necessary support.

The goal is to build your capacity so that you can get the most out of your plan. The Support Coordinator will be your NDIS contact and work with you to plan, manage, and later review your supports.

We’re here to help

As registered NDIS providers, we have firsthand knowledge on how the NDIS works.

We’ve supported many individuals to develop, implement, and maintain their plans right from the start. We work closely with LACs and Support Coordinators to help you get the most out of your plan.

We offer:

  • Support to develop your NDIS goals
  • Preparation for your meeting with the NDIA
  • Assistance in finding service providers that suit you
  • Support for individuals, families, and carers

Get in contact with Teresa Allen on 9445 6525 and get a headstart today!

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