20 Aug
Harley help DFES and the community stay safe

Harley help DFES and the community stay safe

Harley loves working at Workpower and providing services for the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES). In the four years he’s been with us it didn’t take long for him to prove that he’s capable, efficient, and loves what he does. Especially as his work helps keep the community safe. 

A quick learner 

When Harley first joined the Fire and Electrical workshop in Greenfields he began with repairing hoses and parts. But as a quick learner with strong capabilities, he got to work on the hose test bed after one month.

Harley learned to operate the test bed and test hoses to ensure they met Australian standards. After just six months he was given a promotion and is now in charge of running the test bed with his offsider Deacon. 

Companies who need their hoses tested can visit the Greenfields warehouse to have Harley and Deacon test and repair the hoses or he’ll come to you. 

“First, when the hoses come on to our site they come through the workshop and get serviced, written down, put through a system. 

“Next, we put them on a test bed and lay them out… Deacon tests them at 2100 psi for three minutes, then I roll and scribe, and repair hoses,” explains Harley. 

Hear more from Harley: 

At the moment, DFES and also BP refinery hoses are maintained onsite. But Harley also runs the portable test bed which travels to places like Shire of Murray, Tronox and Cockburn Cement.

A satisfying career supporting the community 

Harley is one of many people with disability who work in our Fire and Electrical team, and he loves learning all the required skills on the job.  

He has progressed from repairing the hoses, to running the test bed, to operating the portable test bed all within a year. His progress is fuelled not only by his capabilities but because he loves what he does. 

It’s rewarding to set goals and achieve them. In addition to that Harley is most proud of the work he is doing to keep the community safe, especially for DFES

“It kind of makes me feel happy that we’re here to help people, well, help the firies help people. Because what we do is mostly important for the firies because it helps them save lives and property,” said Harley. 

When was the last time you checked the fire equipment in your office or building? Why not give that responsibility to people like Harley, and our experienced Workpower Fire & Electrical team?  

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