23 Nov
Having a blast on the School Holiday Program

Having a blast on the School Holiday Program

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We’re so excited to share the highlights of our latest South West School Holiday Program. This was our first program since the reduction of COVID-19 restrictions, and our customers were delighted to get back into the swing of things.   

28 children and young people with disability joined us for two weeks of jam-packed fun. Here are some of the activities they enjoyed. 

Art in the park 

We took full advantage of the warmer weather and put together a treasure hunt in the local park. Our attendees explored the area while keeping their eyes out for special native flowers and plants.  

Next, they harnessed their creativity with some leaf painting. By using different household objects they created unique patterns and effects and some really cool designs! It was also a great way to build their teamwork and communication skills as they collaborated on their art projects. 

Bake off in the kitchen 

Did you know that we’ve got a batch of budding bakers in our midst?  

Our talented chefs really know their way around the kitchen. During cooking class the children took the lead to bake some delectable cookies to share. Too bad they didn’t last long once they left the oven… 

Epic laser tag day 

One of the most anticipated SHP activities, the big laser tag day was a huge hit with both SHP programs. We played lots of games and worked as a team to out-maneuver the other side.   

We finished the day with some more group activities and a delicious BBQ lunch at the park. Many friendships have grown between attendees over the years, and it was great to see everyone getting along so well. 

A part of the community 

A bit thank you to the organisations and clubs who helped make this an unforgettable school holiday program! Your support helps us create opportunities for the people with disability we support to be part of the community.  

The next school holidays is just around the corner… if you’d like to be involved, contact us at 1800 610 665 or on email today!