13 Jul
Heirisson Island – One year on!

Heirisson Island – One year on!

You may be familiar Samantha, Dibbles, and friends on Heirisson Island! In this week’s Social Enterprise blog, our Environmental Technician, Kelly, shares some good news about our favourite customers…

It’s been a year since taking on the role as the Wildlife Officer caring for the kangaroos on Heirisson Island.

It’s been a very exciting and gratifying opportunity. Samantha, Dibbles, Cheeky, Jane, and Snowflake have become very familiar with their carer and are regularly caught waiting at the gate on feeding day.

Just the other week the girls had their annual vet check, passing with flying colours, presenting fit and healthy. This time last year, Dibbles was recovering from surgery removing a growth on her jaw, and Snowflake was underweight.

Today, all of the kangaroos are thriving, ready to welcome anyone who comes to see them.

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