24 Jun
Highlights from our online supports

Highlights from our online supports

Our online program came to a close on the 12th, after two months of new experiences and good times. We share just some of the highlights we’ve had online. 

Opportunity to connect 

In April, a number of our employees decided to stay home from work in response to the COVID-19 situation. We fully supported their decision and organised a series of online events that would help them stay connected while physically apart. 

Over the span of a week we held four big morning tea events with employees at Bibra Lake, Malaga, Belmont, and Mandurah. More than 80 employees at work and at home joined us for a chat and were thrilled to see the faces of their friends once more.  

In uncertain times like these, it’s important to prioritise our mental health and stay connected. As these events received such great feedback, we continued on with a new online supports program. 

A calendar of activities 

We worked with our team of innovative support workers to create a full calendar of exciting sessions. From physical exercise to interactive games, karaoke, and cooking classes, there was plenty to keep us occupied and engaged.  

We had: 

  • 26 different workshops on offer 
  • 120 support sessions 
  • And over 54 participants join us online! 

Our employment support sessions also helped six participants to work towards their work goals, like developing a micro-enterprise. 

Many familiar faces online for Performing arts!

Feedback from our families 

Over the weeks we heard a lot of great things from families as we explored this new online platform together. 

One of our earliest participants Navnish joined almost every session on offer, and enjoyed having regular sessions to look forward to each week. We spoke to his mum who was grateful for the team’s efforts in putting on so many different and engaging activities. 

Jamie tried our drumming session and was immediately hooked. He went to get a drum straight away so he could play his own in each session! 

And our art class has cultivated new creativity in several of our participants. Ben and Chris created lovely landscape paintings and are now motivated to continue painting in their spare time as well. 

Thank you everyone for joining us online! We hope that these sessions helped you stay engaged and connected during the COVID-19 period. We’d love to hear what you thought of our supports; you can let us know in this short feedback form. 

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