28 May
Highlights from our South West School Holiday Program

Highlights from our South West School Holiday Program

In April our close-knit South West program enjoyed two weeks’ worth of engaging activities and outdoor fun. Graced with good weather, we spent plenty of time being active and engaging in a range of interactive games. Here are a few highlights from the program! 

A range of activities on offer 

Our SHP attendees opted mainly for one-on-one tailored services with their support coaches. Each person identified activities that aligned with their interests and goals and we incorporated them into our program. 

Some attendees liked being creative so we came up with some DIY activities. This includes making musical shakers with water bottles and items found in the park, like rocks and sticks. Another attendee took a different approach and took up some face painting. She even had a go at painting her own! 

On the second week, we came together to enjoy a custom card making session. Attendees make their own creations and brought them home to give to their family. 

Out and about 

Others chose to enjoy the autumn weather with outdoor games. Some pairs got together to make a small soccer team. They enjoyed passing the ball to each other and working on their coordination skills.  

There was plenty going on every day of the program, which included community outings as well. We did volunteer work at a nearby community garden. It was a relaxing activity that helped them connect with locals and sample work experience.  

Other daily activities included various trips to the park and playground. Over the days, the children grew more comfortable with each other and started to form connections. It was great to see two regular SHP attendees and friends, Isla and Bianca, hang out together during the program.  

Try our community supports 

Want to sample supports with us? The School Holiday Program is the perfect way to get a taste of the disability services we offer.  

For children or young adults looking to expand their experience, our approach allows each person to explore new activities in a supportive environment. We provide one-on-one and group support to help them challenge themselves and build new skills. 

Our July program is now available for registration! Contact Linda at 0417 175 380 or on email for more details.