24 Oct
Highlights from the Sept/Oct SHP

Highlights from the Sept/Oct SHP

We just finished one of our most exciting School Holiday Programs to date! We hear more about the new creative activities held from both Perth and South West programs.

Team building and rocket racing

One of our South West SHP team members, Melanie, shares with us all the fun activities participants got up to during the two weeks.

The children got to try out a new range of art and craft activities! These included balloon rocket racing and making their own lanterns, dream catchers, and wax melt paintings! Participants got to learn a lot of new art techniques and enjoyed being inventive and creative.

These activities not only build their artistic skills, but also their sensory abilities. One of the participants had a fear of blowing up balloons before trying the rocket racing activity. But I’m glad to say that with a bit of time she overcame her fears and was able to participate and enjoy herself!

This was such a great achievement and one of the highlights of the program.

As always, team building is a big focus and everyone is encouraged to build connections and relationships with other participants and staff. Together we built towers, played board games, and held an UNO championship.

Laser Tag showdown

One of the events that everyone from the School Holiday Programs was looking forward to was the big Laser Tag day out in the park! Both the Perth and South West programs came together for some great fun and a showdown of skills.

It was a great way for the children to interact with one another, build new friendships, and take turns and work as a team. Everyone had a blast, so much so that some of our children didn’t want to go home!

Suffice to say, we’re looking forward to plenty more fun adventures in the next School Holiday Programs in January!

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