22 Nov
Is your home safe this summer?

Is your home safe this summer?

With scorching weather just around the corner, most people are gearing up for fun times at the beach with the BBQ. But summer also means bushfire season, and it’s a serious danger for our arid country.

Today we’ll share some important information about how bushfires spread and why you should prepare your property for a fire hazard. We’ll continue next week with tips for planning a fireproof garden and the best ways to go about it.

How does a bushfire work?

There are three main ways that houses are destroyed by fire:

  • Flame contact: any direct contact with the flame
  • Radiant heat: heat created from the warmth of the fire that can melt and destroy property
  • Ember attack: when small burning vegetation is carried by wind and ignites smaller fires

The wind is a dangerous factor during a fire, as it spreads the damage, causes trees to collapse, and threaten the foundations of your property. This makes it easier for fire to spread.

Why should you fireproof your garden?

Most of us like to think that a bushfire wouldn’t strike our area. We hear news stories about nearby fires and scorched zones but somehow believe we’re safe. But it’s a serious danger that needs a serious response.

Gardens are especially at risk as vegetation in a bad location or with high flammability can catch on fire quicker and spread to your property. With over 90% of Western Australian land being bushfire prone, fires can strike regional and urban areas alike. WA experiences an average 5 500 fires every year.

And as temperatures continue to rise this year, it’s important to take action to stay safe this season.

Luckily, it only takes some small adjustments and smart planning to ensure your house and garden is safe, not only this summer, but for the years to come. It’s best to start early so you can rest easy in the holiday months!

Make sure you don’t take the risk.

For further details and the full guide, check out the Country Fire Authority’s factsheet here.

Stay tuned for next week where we’ll cover planning tips for a safe garden, how to create a defendable space around your property, and the best ideas and vegetation to fill your space with.