05 Jun
How air pollution affects our lives

How air pollution affects our lives

Since 1974, the 5th June is a day to focus on a significant issue affecting our environment. This years’ focuses on air pollution which affects everyone, but especially 91% of the population who live in areas that exceed World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.

While air pollution devastates developing countries the most, it’s still a significant issue in Australia that needs to be addressed. Here’s more info about its impact, what causes pollution, and how we can combat it.

Let’s get the facts straight

In Perth, we’re lucky to be 20% below the safe level of pollution exposure. However, over 4,300 deaths are caused by air pollution every year. It’s a leading cause of stroke, heart and lung disease, and cancer across the world. But how does this happen?

There are a number of main factors like agriculture, industry energy production, transport, household use, and waste. While some of these are out of our everyday control, there are significant lifestyle changes you can make every day that deliver a big impact.

What can I do?

Switch to renewable

Making the change to solar or other renewable energy sources in your house or workplace is a smart, long-term investment.

Rethink your transport

This contributes to a quarter of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions worldwide and is growing every year. Consider switching to cleaner fuels, ridesharing, and alternative options like the train or bus.

Recycle right

Avoid letting things go to waste like leftover food, and learn to dispose mindfully. You can start by making sure your organic and recyclable waste goes in the right place, and dropping off recyclable materials like glass, plastic, and steel at facilities like the BRS.

Buy secondhand

Another part of recycling right is to not buy new. Buying quality secondhand goods effectively closes the loop on waste, which equals less energy and pollution in disposing the item.

These tips are a good place to start, and you can find out more here.

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