07 Jan
How to set achievable goals for 2019

How to set achievable goals for 2019

If you have big dreams and goals, 2019 could be your year to make them happen. But making broad resolutions for the rest of the year isn’t the way to go.

Here’s how you can make it happen.


If you’ve set yourself a challenge this year, you need to make a plan. Ask yourself if your goal is:

  • Specific: vague goals like ‘eating healthy’ aren’t very clear
  • Measurable: give yourself a way to measure your success (eg. 3 times per week)
  • Attainable: ask yourself if there’s anything that would stop you from achieving your goal
  • Relevant: check if this goal fits in with your other goals or aspirations
  • Time-based: you can give yourself the next 12 months, few years or more – it all depends on what you’d like to achieve and how you want to do it

It’s also a good idea to write your goals down on paper and place them somewhere you will look at every day, like your mirror.

Setting long-term goals isn’t easy, and it’s tempting to lose motivation as time passes. But it helps to remind yourself of why you started and what dreams you have for the future.

By making small steps you are sure to go a long way.

NDIS is coming your way

If you’re currently receiving government supports or are eligible for supports, you may have access to the NDIS. This process starts with a meeting with your NDIS planner or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) who will help you plan the supports and services you need.

They may ask you about:

  • Supports you currently receive
  • Any support or aid you may need
  • Your current support network (eg. friends, family)

It’s important to mention your SMART goals during the meeting so you can get support to work towards them. Here’s more about what to expect at your first plan meeting.

Need some guidance? Our team can help you think about the future, design SMART goals, and prepare for making your plan. Talk to us today here or at 1800 610 665.

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