12 Jan
Important facts about disability employment

Important facts about disability employment

Disability is a reality for 1 in 5 Australians. It affects families, friends, and communities alike. As our society becomes more socially aware, disability employment becomes more common.

And it should be – as people with disability are a highly valuable and motivated workforce. They have a wide range of skills and talents, and many with existing qualifications and industry experience. All they need is the chance to prove themselves.

Many people may not be aware of the facts around disability employment. But there are many benefits, apart from gaining qualified employees. Here’s some reasons why you should consider employing someone with a disability.

Affordable and productive

Costs for recruitment and retraining are lower from the start. It can be as low as only 13% of the cost it takes to employ someone else. Worker’s compensation is also lower, as low as 4% of the usual rate!

Once the individual finds the right job, they perform as well as others. Not only that, but they’re less likely to take sick leave and stay in their positions longer than other employees.

Prioritise safety

Studies by Deakin University and overseas show that employees with disability aren’t any more likely to be injured at work than others. They have a strong awareness of themselves and others around them.

Connecting with people

Having people with disability in your workplace builds diversity, loyalty, and morale. Others connect with them, leading to a stronger organisational team and better connections with customers.

Smart for your business

Employing people with disability shows that your organisation cares. This couldn’t be more critical in a time when corporate social responsibility is growing in importance.

It’s easy to see why over 90% of businesses who employed individuals with disability were happy with their choice.

The Australian Government continues to increase their disability support every year. Their campaign, AccessAbility Day, aims to connect employers with people with disability and boost their opportunities in the workplace. It’s run on the 4 – 8th December and is the perfect opportunity for businesses to get involved.

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