14 Apr
Introducing our green experts

Introducing our green experts

Since 1991 we’ve provided excellent native plants and environmental services for the people of WA. Today we meet the team behind the hard work! 

Alex Growden

General Manager Environmental Services 

With a Diploma in Land Management and Conservation, Alex holds 18 years of environmental industry experience.

As General Manager he oversees operations for the Wholesale Nursery and Tree Farm, Environmental Services, and Property Services. He’s coordinated major landscape developments and environmental projects across our state for over 14 years.

Carolyn Woodmansey

Production Manager, Wholesale Nursery 

Carolyn has been working in the horticulture industry since 2010. She is an expert in working with WA natives and manages operations at the Nursery. This includes overseeing plant production, stock lists, supervising the production team, and delivering training. 

Upul Ranjith

Production Coordinator, Wholesale Nursery 

Upul holds a B.Sc. Agriculture specialising in Crop Science and Horticulture, and has a decade of experience within the industry. In addition he worked extensively in horticulture in Sri Lanka. Upul supports the Production Manager with daily operations and manages propagation. 

Fiona Abrahams

Administration Officer, Wholesale Nursery 

Since 2013 Fiona has worked within the horticulture industry and coordinates contracts, invoices, orders, and delivery. She works closely with the production team to ensure customers receive their orders to specifications.

Marika Andreou

People Services Supervisor 

Marika utilises her wealth of experience to provide training, guidance, and assistance to our teams. With her eye on the Nursery, Tree Farm, and Property Services, she makes sure all sites maintain the highest safety standards at all times. 

Pook Williams

Leading Hand, Wholesale Nursery 

As a seasoned and experienced horticulturist, Pook manages the seeding process and provides guidance to our teams. She works with the Production Manager and Coordinator to ensure stock is grown to client specifications.  

Jaiden Fernie

Production Coordinator, Tree Farm 

Since 2016 Jaiden worked in a key Nursery role that provided the experience and knowledge needed to oversee operations at our advanced tree farm. He prepares trees for order and leads a production team to rotate and re-pot stock. 

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