08 May
Is social media affecting your job hunt?

Is social media affecting your job hunt?

Are your social media accounts harming your job prospects?

Social media is a great tool for us to share our lives, news and opinions with those around us. It is important to be aware that often it is not just family and friends who will be viewing your social media content – more and more recruiters are using social media to screen candidates prior to offering positions or interviews.

To ensure that your social media accounts are not jeopardising your next job application take some time to review your content, pictures and privacy settings.

Does your social media content show you in the best light?

Have a look at your social media pages – what do they say about you? How would someone who has never met you before see you? Recruiters will look at things such as status updates; groups you like or follow; as well as posts shared on your page.

Is your profile picture appropriate?

This is the first thing someone will notice on your social media profile and is still visible even with privacy settings in place. With this in mind use this to your advantage! Select a picture that you would be happy as being a recruiters first impression of you! Click here for tips on how to take a professional looking profile picture.

Are you using privacy settings?

If you do have concerns about any content on your social media page then you should investigate your privacy settings. There are many options such as who can view your profile, who can tag you in photos as well as who can look you up!

Could you use your social media as a tool?

Use your social media pages to your advantage! Include things that you would like a recruiter or potential employer to see such as any volunteering or groups you are involved in or out of work passions such as cooking, sport or craft. Recruiters will be interested to see who you are as a person!

Don’t forget to do your own investigating on social media too! Check out the company you are applying for on their social media channels, you will find out extra information or recent news which could help if you get offered an interview!

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