04 Mar
Is Support Coordination the right fit for me?

Is Support Coordination the right fit for me?

Following on from our previous article on support coordination, we delve into the levels of support on offer, who it most applies to, and the process of receiving this support.

How it works

Support coordination provides additional support to plan, organise, and implement your NDIS plan the way you want. It’s available in three different levels:

  • Support connection: this supports connects you to a range of service options and builds your ability to develop a plan that suits you
  • Support coordination: where a Coordinator assists you to develop skills to maintain relationships, manage your plan, and live independently
  • Specialist support coordination: a more complex support that assists people to maintain consistent supports and deal with any issues that arise

Do I need this support?

You may be eligible to receive this support if you need:

  • Complex or high level supports
  • Assistance understanding or implementing your NDIS plan
  • Help finding and organising supports and providers

If you have a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) they may already provide some of these supports. To receive support coordination you need to let your LAC know or request it at your next NDIS meeting.

How it works

If approved then the next step is nominating a Support Coordinator. We can offer this service or provide recommendations for other providers. Otherwise you can find them through the Provider Finder tool on MyPlace.

Your service providers can also provide support coordination as long as there’s no conflict of interest.

You will then receive a set amount of hours per year to allocate as you like to this support.

In many cases, this capacity building support is most helpful if you’re starting your first NDIS plan or after a significant change in circumstances. Support coordination will reduce as you build your ability to manage your own supports.

You can read up on further details here.

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