26 May
Issue Paper summary: CALD communities pt 2

Issue Paper summary: CALD communities pt 2

Thinking of sharing your thoughts on the experience of people from CALD communities? We’ve summarised the following questions from the Royal Commission to help you share feedback.  

You do not need to answer any questions in your submission: they are here to help you put together a response. 

Read all versions of the Issue Paper here. 

Questions to consider 

  1. How does your family, culture, and community understand concepts of: 
    • Disability? 
    • Violence, abuse, exploitation, and neglect? 
    • Independence, access, and inclusion? 
    • Safety? 
  1. Share any experience of abuse, violence, neglect, and exploitation of a person with disability from a CALD community. 
  1. How are people with disability accepted and treated in your culture? 
    • Are there times when they are excluded, ignored, or stigmatised? Why? 
  1. What are the barriers that stop people with disability from CALD communities from reporting abuse or making complaints? 
    • How can we improve this? 
  1. What can the government, organisations, and the community do to support reporting and investigation of abuse, violence, neglect, and exploitation of people with disability from CALD communities? 
  1. How do the following groups experience disability? What issues and barriers do they face? 
    • Refugees 
    • Migrants 
    • Women 
    • Young people and children 
  1. How do people from CALD communities ask for help and access support? 
  1. What can we do to improve their access to services in areas like the justice system, health, and education? 
  1. What do people with disability from CALD communities think we should do to improve their experience? 

Share your experience 

Do you have feedback or comments you’d like to share on this topic? The Royal Commission welcomes submissions from people with disability, their families, and carers as well as other members of the community. 

Submissions help the Royal Commission understand challenges faced by people with disability. They will then make recommendations for improvement to the Government. 

Go here to make a submission. You can also call 1800 517 199 or email them at DRCenquiries@royalcommission.gov.au.