10 Aug
Issue Paper summary: Employment pt 2

Issue Paper summary: Employment pt 2

In our last article we talked about the present state of employment for people with disability, the challenges they face, and what services are currently available. Today we go through some employment questions to help you share your story. 

If you have thoughts or experience about employment as a person with disability then the Royal Commission would like to hear it. Families, carers, service providers, and members of the public are also welcome to make a submission.  

To help you share your experience, the Commission have provided some questions that cover different parts of the topic. You do not need to answer all or any of these questions in your submission. They are just here to help you think about what to say. 

Let’s take a closer look at these employment questions. 

Questions to think about 

Submission deadline: 14th August 2020. Download versions of the paper here. 

  1. How do people with disability experience violence, abuse, neglect, or exploitation? 
  • Where and when does this happen? 
  1. What keeps people with disability from finding and keeping a job?  
  • What is it like for a person with disability to work in a workplace?  
  • Do they have opportunities to find work and build their careers? 
  1. What would help people with disability to find and keep a job? 
  • How can workplaces and employers do to support this? 
  1. What is employment like for: 
  • Women 
  • LGBTIO+ people  
  • First Nations people 
  • People who speak different languages? 
  1. How well do employment supports and services like ADEs support people with disability to work? 
  • Are they fair? Do they provide opportunities? 
  • How can they improve? 
  1. What is it like for an employer to hire someone with disability? 
  • What are the benefits and/or challenges faced? 
  • What supports or services do you need? 
  1. How else can we help people with disability find work and be protected from violence, abuse, neglect, and exploitation? 

Speak up 

We encourage everyone who has an experience with disability employment they would like to share to make a submission. Your experience will help the Royal Commission understand the situation and make things better.  

If you need help to make a submission you can contact one of these services. For any questions you can contact the Commission on email or at 1800 517 199. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our page for the latest updates.