25 Jan
Issue Paper summary: Safeguards and Quality Services pt 2

Issue Paper summary: Safeguards and Quality Services pt 2

In Part 2 we look at some example questions that can help you share your story with the Royal Commission.  

The submission deadline for this Issue Paper is the 1st February 2021. You can still choose to share your story however it will not be included in the final report. Here is a list of full definitions of common terms mentioned. 

Questions to think about 

The following questions are here to help you make a submission. You don’t need to answer all or any questions in order to do so. By sharing your experience you help the Royal Commission understand the situation and make recommendations for improvement. 

  1. What’s the best way to protect people with disability at risk of violence, neglect, abuse, and exploitation: 
    • Through the services they use 
    • Across different areas of their lives 
  1. How do quality services protect people with disability? 
  1. How can formal safeguarding laws, policies, and practices be improved to better protect people? 
    • Can you think of any examples of good practices? 
  1. What can we do to develop the independence and choice and control of people with disability? 
  1. Do different safeguarding practices used across different industries and jurisdictions cause problems for people with disability? If so, why? 
  1. Should independent monitoring and oversight play a part to protect people with disability? 
    • Should the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission do more to regulate service providers, and if so, what should they do? 
  1. What safeguards can be provided to people who need extra support? 
  1. How can informal safeguards be improved across different areas and life stages? 
  1. Do people with disability face barriers when making complaints, and if so, how can they be improved? 
    • How can we improve this for First Nations people, women, people from CALD backgrounds, LGBTIQ+ people, and children and young people? 

See the full Issue Paper here. 

Making a submission 

If you’re looking for more information on how to make a submission, head to our Royal Commission page. To contact the Royal Commission directly you can email them at DRCEnquiries@royalcommission.gov.au or call 1800 517 199.