22 Feb
Issue Paper summary: Violence and abuse at home pt 2

Issue Paper summary: Violence and abuse at home pt 2

The Disability Royal Commission would like to hear your thoughts on violence and abuse of people with disability at home. This Issue Paper welcomes submissions from people with disability, their families, carers, disability organisations and other members of the community. 

The questions below are just suggestions on what you can say. You don’t need to answer any if you don’t want to.  

If you’d like to share your experience, head here for details on how to do this. 

The Royal Commission welcome submissions before the 26th February. You can still send something afterwards but it may not be included in their final report. 

Questions to think about 

  1. What are the ways that people with disability experience abuse, violence, exploitation, and neglect at home? How does this make them feel? 
  1. What are some experiences of this in homes for people with disability who are: 
    • Female 
    • Elderly  
    • First Nations people 
    • From CALD backgrounds 
    • Part of the LGBTIQ+ community 
  1. What do family violence and disability services do to prevent and respond to acts of neglect, abuse, violence, and exploitation at home? 
    • Are there any good practices or gaps in support? 
  1. Should laws and guidelines about family violence include laws about abuse and violence from the following groups, and why? 
    • Carers and support workers 
    • Housemates and other residents 
    • First Nation networks 
  1. What causes children with disability to experience violence, abuse, exploitation, and neglect at home? 
    • Are there any risk factors (eg. poverty) that cause this? 
  1. What are the experiences of children with disability who are First Nations people or from CALD backgrounds? 
  1. Do current national or state laws and practices protect people with disability from abuse, neglect, violence, and exploitation at home? 
    • Do they protect children with disability? 
    • What’s working and what’s not? How can it be improved?  
  1. What are the experiences of people with disability who report these instances to police or deal with the legal system? 
    • How can these legal processes be improved to support people with disability? 
  1. What crisis support is available for people with disability experiencing violence and abuse? 
  1. Have recent emergencies like COVID-19 affected people with disability and their experience of abuse, violence, neglect, and exploitation at home? 
    • What can be done to support them during an emergency? 

See versions of the Issue Paper here. 

To make a submission, go here. 

If you’d like to speak to the Royal Commission you can call 1800 517 199 or email DRCenquiries@royalcommission.gov.au