20 Jul
Jade’s driven to succeed!

Jade’s driven to succeed!

In this week’s Community Blog, our Community Support Officer Elisa tells us about Jade’s quest to get her own set of wheels…

Jade is an independent young lady who works at a Good Samaritans store three days a week and is supported by Workpower two days a week. On Mondays she attends Performing Arts with Chris and Fridays she spends with me.

Last year Jade expressed an interest in obtaining her learner’s permit with a view to learning to drive and being able to drive to her work.  Jade and I use the online theory tests weekly to learn and practice. While driving around the community I encourage Jade to identify and explain the meaning of street signs and basic road rules. Jade also is in charge of our navigation, telling me where to turn and which streets we should be taking to get to our destination. She is excellent at navigation!

Jade has sat the theory test twice now and has only missed out on passing her test by one question, which was a fantastic result. We are now looking into the Keys for Life program for a more individualised setting for her to sit the test. I am impressed with Jade’s dedication to learning and when she has obtained her learners permit, I look forward to sorting out driving lessons and having go kart races Mario Kart style with her.

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