11 Mar
Jake’s journey of transformation

Jake’s journey of transformation

Over the last eight months Jake has been on a journey of transformation. With help from his support team of Len, Aldo, and Rhys, and his mother, he’s made changes to his diet and fitness that have helped him build a healthier lifestyle. 

His determination and hard work have paid off, as he’s lost 8 kgs since starting his health program! 

Building healthy habits 

From the beginning, Jake had a clear goal ahead of him. He wanted to lose weight and increase his mobility in and out of his wheelchair. This would help him maintain a healthy lifestyle, grow his independence, and gain confidence. 

To do this, he started a practical fitness routine with the help of his physiotherapist and support team. This involved going to the local gym for an hour each week and completing a specific set of exercises. 

Every session Jake sweats out to a combination of machine chest presses, shoulder presses, bicep curls, and quad extensions. These exercises help him engage and grow his muscles and become stronger. He’s kept it up for over six months now and makes steady progress with each session.  

Getting into the habit of exercising isn’t easy, but with the right encouragement,  techniques, and perseverance Jake has built exercise into his regular routine.  

Choosing healthy food 

In addition to increasing activity, Jake is challenging himself to make better food choices. With help from his mother, he’s stuck to a healthy diet that consists of lots of vegetables, fruit, and sushi – one of Jakes’ favourites!  

Healthy eating is also about making good decisions when dining in the community. Jake works hard to stick by his recommended diet and strives to choose healthier food options. It’s never easy to resist temptation but the experience has helped him grow confidence in his abilities. 

Learning to take care of your health and build good habits are important skills for the future. We couldn’t be more excited by Jake’s transformation and can’t wait to see how he progresses. 

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