16 May
Jarrod’s purrfect placement opens the door to opportunity!

Jarrod’s purrfect placement opens the door to opportunity!

Work experience is not only a great way to build skills for employment – it can also help you connect with a passion! In this week’s Community Programs blog, Community Support Officer Jen shares Jarrod’s journey as he follows his passion for animals…

After successfully completing his orientation, one day a week Jarrod attends the RSPCA in Malaga for work experience.

Jarrod has been assigned the role of animal enrichment in the Cattery, which is especially important for socialising the cats and kittens, getting them ready for adoption.

Jarrod has already played a significant part in presenting one of the cats to a family, which resulted in a successful adoption for ‘Bruce’ – and it’s clear to see in the response from the animals, the very gentle and natural approach that Jarrod has. There is a strict protocol required with security gates, logging in and out on the staff computer and also within the Cattery, getting the key for the condos and sanitising hands in between each animal. Jarrod was successfully able to navigate this after only one demonstration, and has not needed any reminders since.

Jarrod is a natural with animals!

In addition to making furry friends, Jarrod is acknowledged by staff and is developing relationships with other volunteers.  He recognises that Kit, the Volunteer Manager, and shows appropriate respect. He also shows pride and loyalty in everything about the RSPCA and is keen to be part of the Million Paws Walk fundraising event on 21st May this year. Jarrod has been very quick to learn, and my role is really one of standing back, even at this early stage.

His reading of signs and instructions about each cat is of a very good level and his ability to retain the rules about strict animal handling, hygiene and security protocol is impressive. We now hope that the skills Jarrod has been able to perfect in this purrfect placement can help him to find part-time paid employment – which I am certain he is more than capable of achieving and which I know is important to him.

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