19 Aug
Jasmine’s dressmaking dream

Jasmine’s dressmaking dream

Jasmine is passionate about dressmaking and set a goal to expand her skills within a professional work setting. Together with her support worker Imajyn they began looking for work experience opportunities in the community. Soon enough, they found a local clothing alteration store that suited Jasmine’s aspirations perfectly! 

Warwick Alterations were happy to take Jasmine on, and she completed her first day in late June. She assists staff to alter different types of clothing. This involves learning to use the larger, technical machinery to complete different tasks.  

There’s no doubt Jasmine is loving it so far and excited to take on new challenges. She’s clearly a fast learner and passionate about her work. 

On top of this, the alteration staff are delighted with her too! According to feedback from the manager, if her current progress on the machines continue then Jasmine may be able to secure an official position as part of the team. 

Well done Jasmine! 

Learning on the go 

Through this experience Jasmine is growing key industry skills and independence within the workplace. She’s also gained a new confidence to speak up and ask for what she wants. By working closely with Imajyn, Jasmine developed the courage to approach staff at Warwick Alterations and enquire about a position.  

And now she’s gaining hands-on experience that she can use to expand the creative items she makes and sells on her online Etsy store!  

This experience also allows Jasmine to build and diversify her resumé. In the future she wants to be employed within the fashion design or tailoring industry. Her ultimate goal is a career in dressmaking, and from what we hear she’s making great progress. 

We can’t wait to hear more about her experience down the track.

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