08 Apr
JD’s confidence has grown on wheels

JD’s confidence has grown on wheels

JD gets behind the wheel of confidence for Workpower’s catering team

Jonathan Lynch, or JD for short, joined Workpower four years ago in its café and catering team, working at the Blue Bean Café in the WA Police Headquarters in East Perth as well as preparing large-scale catering orders for businesses within 10km.

JD doesn’t let his high functioning autism hold him back and has gone from strength-to-strength in the team, picking up valuable skills across the different sections of the kitchen and building his customer service skills within the café.

“I’ve been doing a bit of everything around the kitchen – food preparation jobs including preparing all the ingredients needed for service, preparing meals, serving customers and loading the lunch boxes we make for the Child Protection agency of Department of Communities,” said JD.

“I’ve learned a lot since working here, but the big things have been developing customer service skills, learning to multitask and prioritizing jobs that are more important.”

Achieving goals

For JD, his goal was to learn how to become independent with catering deliveries, which involved everything from packing the orders into the van and making sure he had everything, driving from the headquarters to the customer’s location and unpacking the delivery.

And JD’s smashed this goal recently, completing deliveries that include meals for up to 70 people.

“The highlight of working here has been learning to do the Department of Communities – Child Protection delivery, as it’s meant the team trusted me with the responsibility,”

“It’s one of our contracts that changes every day – some days there are 67 lunches, sometimes there’s more and I need to make sure we get all of them delivered safely in time for lunch.”

For support coach Maddi Jeckells, JD’s development has been great to watch.

“When I started at the cafe with JD almost three years ago, he was doing mostly dishes and basic food prep which I could tell he was bored with, he then expressed to me he wanted more responsibility in the cafe, which he was more than capable of,” Maddi said.

“Now he can independently serve customers and deliver catering which is a huge help as we are a small team. We can always rely on JD at the cafe.”

Safety comes first

When JD gets behind the wheel to make the deliveries, he always remembers that safety comes first.

“For me, the most important safety measure when getting into the van is to always double-check everything, whether that be mirrors or looking both ways.”

And it’s no surprise that JD has found comfort in his career with Workpower’s catering team, with a passion for food and trying different cuisines.

“I love food, and my favourite food is always changing. At the moment I like going out for Brazilian barbecue.”

JD continues to strive for excellence within his role, having achieved his biggest goal yet, he’s now set his focus on the next – completing more of the team’s deliveries around the Perth CBD and gaining more responsibility across the café.

Providing life-changing support

Organisations across the Perth CBD can provide support for the employment of people with disability, simply through ordering from our catering team.

From lunch boxes to catering to cover your next training session, we’ve got it all.

If you would like to help support the employment of people with disability, like JD, you can order your next corporate catering here: https://workpower.com.au/catering/