03 Sep
JD’s first step towards becoming a barista

JD’s first step towards becoming a barista

JD shows off his new certificate next to team member Maddi!

We’ve got a barrista-in-the-making at Workpower Catering! Team member Johnathan plans to practice his new skills on the cafe coffee machine. 

One of his goals is to learn to make his own coffee and operate the barista machine located at the Blue Bean Cafe. So to help him get started, Johnathan and Maddi signed up for a one day course at coffee specialist training company Dimattina Coffee a few weeks ago.  

He now has a solid skill base which he can build on while at work. Working in the kitchen gives him the perfect chance to practice, along with other hospitality skills. There’s no doubt he’s keen to get started and our other trained team members are happy to guide him on the machine. 

Learning a new skill takes time, but with regular practice it’s only a matter of time before he learns to serve great coffee for the whole team. Great work Johnathan! 

Lending a helping hand 

Johnathan joined our catering team in May last year and has since grown his workplace skills within the hospitality industry. He assists the others with: 

  • cleaning dishes and utensils
  • managing stock inventory
  • maintaining a tidy workspace
  • preparing platters for delivery
  • preparing ingredients for different orders

He usually works twice a week but is happy to come in and help during busy periods. He’s a hard worker and enjoys being in a fast-paced environment with the rest of the team.  

Like Johnathan, we work with all our employees across our social enterprises to identify individual goals and skills they want to work towards. We then put together a plan that enables them to access a range of experiences towards building that skill. After a certain period we check in with them to see how they’re doing and review any changes to their goals or aspirations.  

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