16 Aug
Job Ready program builds new career pathways for customers

Job Ready program builds new career pathways for customers

Workpower’s first Job Ready program created new opportunities for customers to build employment skills and develop a career pathway. During workshops held from March to June, customers were assisted by support coaches to develop a vision for their career and the skills to achieve it.  

The first task was to complete a Workpower Discovery Record. Customers and their support coaches worked together to map out their interests and skills, look at opportunities, and put together an action plan to work towards their desired career. 

Building a range of employment skills 

Workshops involved a number of group activities to learn about local opportunities and build skills towards work. This included: 

  • Resume and cover letter preparation 
  • Exploring options for further education  
  • Learning interview techniques  
  • Transport training options 
  • Job search skills 

To help customers put their new skills to work, they each completed three mock interviews over the 12 weeks. By working with the feedback and support from their support coach, they used the experience to improve their performance at each interview. 

Attendees also took part in work experience at Packaging and Warehousing Belmont during the program. They learned about workplace safety protocols, tried different work tasks, and developed experience working as part of a team.  

Finding opportunities for future work 

Towards the end of the Job Ready program, one of our customers Gary decided to apply for a job as a food delivery driver. To work towards this, Gary and his support team researched what tasks were involved and how to apply.  

With support Gary applied for the role and was offered a position! His parents could not be happier about how he’s grown and developed in confidence since completing the program. 

“Our Job Ready program is a great opportunity for customers looking to take steps towards their employment goals,” says program coordinator Rubal Singh.  

“I invite others to join us next time and see what opportunities they can find through Workpower.” 

What to discover potential career pathways with Workpower? Then contact us on email or call 1800 610 665 for more.