09 Mar
Job seekers learn on the go

Job seekers learn on the go

Attendees of our School Holiday Employment Program (SHEP) last month all completed a personalised industry placement. This was unique opportunity for each person to try a workplace of their choice, based off the goals they set themselves in their Discovery Process

Previous placements have taken us all over Perth and Mandurah and across multiple industries. This includes places like: 

Here’s what our January group got up to over the school holidays. 

Real industry experience 

For two days Julien arrived at the corporate office early and ready to help our teams with admin tasks. He assisted the HR team to print, collate, and pack employee payslips and documents. In addition, he helped the marketing division process and input data on a laptop.  

With a background in administration Julien picked up both tasks quickly and completed them in no time.  

Meanwhile, Ben got hands-on in the kitchen and helped Workpower Catering staff prepare platter orders. With his support worker and our friendly team, he helped wash, prep ingredients, and make sauces for all our finished products. Ben also observed how the front and back-of-house team work together.  

Ben was a natural fit with his enthusiasm and willingness to learn. He really enjoyed the new experience. 

Other job seekers gained valuable experience in our other social enterprises. Harry helped out at the Balcatta Recycling Shop and is keen to do more work repairing bikes for resale. Kris joined the team at Packaging & Warehousing Malaga, while Dale explored setting up a flower business. 

Next steps 

Many of our SHEP attendees finished their work placements and decided to continue, which has led to some ongoing and paid work positions. Work experience is a great way to get your foot in the door of the business that you want to work in. And we’ve helped many school leavers get the experience they need to take the next step towards their careers. 

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