Disability Employment Services

Since 1992, we have supported individuals to achieve their career goals. Now with over 25 years’ experience, Workpower’s Disability Employment Services are employment and recruitment experts.

Whether it’s finding and sustaining employment or sourcing a new addition to your workplace, our talented team have the skills to help you reach your goals.

And with many locations across the Perth metro region, we’re ready to support you wherever you are.

What we offer

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Are you looking for a job?

Are you looking for work? We can help.

Our dedicated Employment Consultants will work with you to set goals and achieve them. We assist you to gain work experience placements, voluntary work, and short and long term courses, and paid employment. Once you have gained employment we will help you with training, communicating with your employer if required, and supporting you to sustain your job.

We have opportunities for paid and voluntary work from our pool of employers. Our numerous partnerships with organisations can also assist you in other areas of your life outside of employment. As a Disability Employment Service, our team is ready to help you to find local positions that suit your career goals.

Our services include:

  • Short and long term career planning
  • Effective resume and cover letter writing techniques
  • Interview preparation skills
  • Marketing and job search skills
  • Ongoing support to ensure sustainable employment
  • Opportunities from our pool of employers

Are you looking for staff?

Are you looking for a free recruitment service which takes the hassle out of hiring?

Whether you are seeking volunteers, people for work experience, or paid employment we have individuals to suit your business needs. We have a pool of skilled and experienced clients who are looking for opportunities. We ensure the right fit by assessing your business needs first. Our pre-screening and interviewing services can source the right employee for you.

We offer:

  • A free recruitment service
  • Pre-screening and interviewing suitable clients
  • Government wage subsidies
  • On-the-job training and support
  • Regular communication to assist
  • Workplace modifications if required

The journey to employment

Finding meaningful employment can change lives forever. Our job seekers have shared some of their amazing employment journeys below…

Better for Business

Regardless of business industry or size, disability employment can provide great opportunities for you. Over 90% of businesses employing people with disability are happy with their decision. Those that do may also be eligible for wage subsidies up to $10,000!

Employing people with disability has a positive effect on your workplace, and they also:
  • Are more likely to stay with an employer
  • Take less time off from work
  • Have no more risk for workplace injury than other employees
  • Are just as qualified, efficient, and capable as others

Most people with disability do not require any workplace modifications. But if needed, we can assist you to access subsidies and funding to help cover the cost.

Open the door to opportunity

We’re here to help you towards your goals.

If you want to get out into the workplace,
contact Jan Cartmell here or at 0409 290 990.

For a free recruitment service that suits your business,
contact Kathy Kelly here or at  0419 834 548.

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