17 Sep
Johnathan’s story: Working and living independently

Johnathan’s story: Working and living independently

We’d like to welcome Johnathan, the newest addition to our 1905 Catering crew! He’s been with us since the end of May and has put his previous hospitality skills to good use. We chat with him to see how he’s settled in.

New environment, new experiences

I’m the type of person who likes to keep busy with work and volunteering. Before joining the Cafe, I worked at another Workpower division, Web Development, once a week. I had the chance to work with computers and formulas, and I found this kind of position quite fascinating.

I’ve also worked at the Packaging & Warehousing workshop in Belmont, and volunteered for Perth Racing. I enjoyed helping them out with IT work during the busy racing season last year.

Now that I’ve joined the Cafe, it’s a whole new experience. I’ve worked in hospitality before as a kitchen hand, and each workplace has a different feeling.

Compared to my last hospitality position, 1905 Catering is peaceful and there’s more space to work with. The team are also really welcoming and friendly, and it’s good to work with others. I’ve been able to take on more responsibilities with food preparation, and my manager Julie has been teaching me new techniques.

Living independently

I enjoy learning, adapting to new challenges, and trying new experiences. Working in hospitality provides that and more – it keeps you on your feet, and everyday is different.

I’d like to see where working at the Cafe can take me, and I look forward to developing new skills.

Work allows me to live an independent lifestyle. I can live alone, support myself, and have enough to pursue my interests, like competing in social video game competitions. I hope to save up enough money to try new things and travel.

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