06 Apr
The journey to a new home for the Enviro team!

The journey to a new home for the Enviro team!

This month marks the first year anniversary at the Environmental Services’ new base in Forrestdale! And what a journey it has been – we backtrack to the start and follow the journey towards this new facility and the new business potential it holds.

The early days

13 years ago, our Environmental Services comprised of a small shed and two staff at the back of our Nursery in Noranda. But things have changed since then. Business took off, the team grew, and soon they needed a place of their own.

They found a solution several years ago in a nursery run by PEEDAC, a not-for-profit organisation that supports training and employment for Aboriginal and Indigenous people. This nursery had to be maintained for agricultural purposes, and our Environmental team was able to fulfill that. However, they weren’t able to build or invest as they only had a short lease.

The perfect fit

Luckily, one of the team’s supervisors, James, had some handy connections to land owners looking for the right tenant. The area was an undeveloped semi-rural block in Forrestdale, conveniently located adjacent the Armadale Road and Tonkin Highway intersection. Once the building plans and planning approvals were submitted to local government, the area was developed to become a purpose built environmental/nursery facility!

New facility, greater capability

Not only do our Environmental Services now have their own facility, but also the space and resources to expand the business! The new area includes:

  • An office administration building
  • A warehouse for equipment and vehicle storage
  • A specially designed seed storage cool room
  • Operational nursery
  • A large “hothouse” for seed drying/processing
  • Field space for delivery and preparation of winter project
  • Large seedling laydown area

Congratulations to the Environmental team who’ve settled into their new offices after a long journey – you earned it! There’s no doubt we’ll be hearing about more projects and successes in the near future.

Our Environmental Services provide premium land management and environmental rehabilitation services across WA. For more info, call us (08) 9375 4950 or email us here.