19 Oct
Kasey launches bespoke sewing business

Kasey launches bespoke sewing business

We’re thrilled to hear that Kasey’s sewing enterprise is up and running! After working with our Customised Employment team to develop a plan and set up her business, Kasey is now selling her custom-made creations online. Here’s how she did it.

Kasey loves all things creative. She sows, scrapbooks, makes custom cards, ceramics, and even diamond art. But her main passion is sewing, and she’s highly skilled at it! Over the last three years she’s expanded her techniques and worked hard to make her dream of owning a sewing business come true.

Kasey knew from a young age that she wanted to be an entrepreneur.
She puts a lot of effort into her work and takes great pride in listening to customer requests.

And then one day she was going out and realised she needed a bag to hold her mobile and SmartRider card that was still easily accessible. That’s where her idea for creating customized phone pouches was born.

With help from her support team of Paris, Chloe, and Jennelle; Kasey completed the Discovery Process and our first Micro-enterprise workshop. Along the way, she:

  • Explored local community groups to partner with
  • Got advice from the Small Business Development Centre
  • Sourced connections to suppliers
  • Conducted research on competitors
  • Developed and refined a product pattern
  • Created prototypes and produced test products

Kasey produced five pouches as gifts to friends and family who love the design. With a clear plan ahead of her she’s now ready to launch her exciting business.

One of Kasey’s custom made pouches!

It’s apparent to those around her how much this process has changed Kasey. By taking control of her life and working towards her dreams, she’s developed confidence and new pride in her work.

Next steps

The next stepping stone for Kasey is to set up her website and social media to start attracting clients. And with help from her family Kasey will have a dedicated workspace in her backyard area to produce her bags.

Terrific work Kasey; we’re very excited for this next step in your career!

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