15 Jan
Kat launches her new yoga business

Kat launches her new yoga business

We’re delighted to share Kat’s success as she builds her yoga business from the ground up! With support through our Customised Employment program, her business is now thriving and she’s already built a strong client base.

A passion for yoga

Kat began practising in 2011 while in Vancouver studying holistic nutrition. She found yoga calming and a good challenge for her body. Kat’s passion for spreading wellness in her community and desire to become a yogi led her to set up a part-time micro-business as a yoga teacher.

In early October last year she came to us for support and we got straight into action. Together we helped her develop her first NDIS plan, which outlined specific actions that would help her grow her teaching into a full-time self-employment opportunity.

These supports included helping her apply for a $2,000 grant from One2One to develop her business, which she received. Kat doesn’t let anything stop her from pursuing her dreams, let alone her disability, and we’ve supported her with transport and helping to expand her business network.

Off to a great start

Kat’s yoga business is set for success and growing fast. In the last three months alone she’s established a name for herself at a new home studio in South Guildford.

This location caters for intimate classes that suit her unique yoga style. Her classes are inclusive, available for all levels, and with plenty of fun and upbeat vibes.

She’s received great feedback from customers and is already building a steady client base.

“Kat’s classes are like being wrapped up in a warm embrace,” says one of her customers.

Kat held a stall at the MySupports Market Day in Midland for International Day of People with Disability on the 3rd December. She greeted community members and showcased some techniques from her unique sessions.

You can find out more details about her upcoming events here.

Well done Kat on your hard work these past months! We can’t wait to see how your business grows and to support you in your journey.

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Note: This article has been updated to clarify the roles taken in setting up Kathryn’s business.