29 May
Keeping fit and engaged online

Keeping fit and engaged online

Since April we’ve enjoyed catching up with friends and learning many new skills through our online supports. This has been especially helpful for the participants who decided to stay home during the COVID-19 situation.  

We’ve received great feedback from many families who’ve been able to stay engaged and try different activities while at home. Here’s a few highlights from our last big week of supports. 

Working up a sweat 

Exercise is important for staying healthy and fit, especially as the temperature drops and the flu season comes. We’ve got two sessions at the moment to help participants feel energised and active.  

The first is our casual boxing class with Yash on Tuesdays. Boxing may seem tough but when you break down each move it’s really easy, fluid, and fun! You can set the pace and challenge yourself. 

Over the past few weeks Fenton, John, Heath, and others have all given it a shot. Together we worked up a sweat, exhausted our muscles, and had lots of fun! 

The other is our Movement activity on Thursdays. We get the blood pumping as we move through a range of arm and leg motions. Maria, Kris, Rebekah, and others join us in playing interactive games that moving our bodies like different animals for others to guess. A fun, easy way to get moving. 

Singing together 

It looks like many of the attendees at our sing-a-long and karaoke party enjoy the same music tastes. We’ve discovered a shared passion for ABBA, Grease, Bruno Mars, and plenty more from across the decades. 

Some participants also dress the part and brought along their own microphone to sing with! 

African drumming 

Each week Nicholas counts in our drumming group and together we create a series of rhythms and calls. Jennifer, Jamie, Maria, and Joshua take turns to play their drums and call each other with music. We’re also learning a lot about African culture and the use of drums for communication.  

A great activity for everyone to try, whether you’re using drums, a table, or just your hands. 

Don’t miss out 

If you want to catch up with friends, try different activities, and have some fun, then sign up for one of our online sessions today. You can join these activities while at home, outside, or on support. 

Book now 

Download the 2 – 12th June online supports calendar HERE. 

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