22 Feb
Keeping gardens beautiful at Waterfront Mews

Keeping gardens beautiful at Waterfront Mews

We hear from one of our Property Services teams who have been working on the sprawling gardens at Waterfront Mews in Maylands.  

The Midvale Property team have been tending to the Mew gardens for many years. As a large property with many gardens and passageways there’s plenty to be done to ensure everything is in tip-top shape.  

But for employees Nathan, Shane, and David who maintain the area, the hard work is worthwhile. The trio work together to tackle a range of different gardening challenges and make sure that driveways, amenities, and pathways are kept clean and tidy for residents.  

Their work includes: 

  • Clearing overgrown hedges 
  • Removing destructive plants 
  • Rejuvenating soil and plant care 
  • Weeding and trimming 

Their dedication means that the residents are happy and notice the gardens grow week after week. 

But the team don’t just do what is required. They have a good relationship with the property owner and are happy to help with other tasks where they can. The Property team also cater to resident requests by planting recycled native plants from the Nursery along with a variety of fruit trees and succulents. 

Building confidence at work 

Horticultural Support Officer Tatiana works closely with the team at the Mews. While employees have years of horticultural experience, she’s works with them to put their knowledge to good use. 

They are encouraged to assess an area and come up with a plan on how it can be improved. This could be removing plants and rejuvenating soil if the garden bed is dried. By identifying problems and working independently to fix them, each employee builds confidence in their skills. 

Working as a team 

We spoke to the team about what they enjoyed the most about their work. David, who has been with Workpower for over 20 years, enjoys keeping busy and working with his hands. 

“I like meeting new people and seeing new places at work,” he says. 

Meanwhile Nathan said he enjoys working with the team and supervisors as everyone looks after one another. According to Tatiana, they all get along very well and support one another. 

Terrific work team, keep it up!

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