03 Apr
Kelly sets incredible new production record

Kelly sets incredible new production record

We’ve got some stellar employees hiding in our Packaging & Warehousing division! As of January, our flag-making expert Kelly achieved a whopping 900 flags in a day’s work – that’s 3 times the average record!

We talk to Bibra Lake Supervisor Hannah for more details on her incredible progress.

A new production record

Kelly first joined Packaging in March 2006 and has worked across our Belmont and Bibra Lake locations. She is an integral part of the production team who work on a number of different contracts.

We receive regular orders for marker flags from mining company Westernex, which range from 2,000 to 10,000 per order. That’s a lot of flags to make in a short period of time! We also produce these flags in multiple colours, sizes, and materials.

On average, we make between 800 – 1,700 flags a day at Bibra Lake. Our best flag makers usually reach about 300 per day. But when Kelly first started working on this contract she was able to produce around 600 – an impressive feat in itself!

As a motivated worker always dedicated to improving her skills, Kelly challenged herself to beat her record. She worked hard to be more efficient while maintaining high quality standards. And now her hard work has paid off.

An independent achiever

Kelly smashed her record with an unbelievable 900 flags made in a day on the 24th January. What an amazing effort!

She is such an asset to the team, especially when we receive large flag orders within a short period. Kelly loves this contract and takes great pride in the quality of the work and her independence.

Myself and the rest of the support staff and employees are super proud of Kelly and her dedication. We’ll continue to support her as she pushes her skills to the limit!

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