22 Jul
Kim’s window art business flourishes

Kim’s window art business flourishes

Over the last few months, Kim has turned her faux stained glass artworks into a viable business with help from her support worker Tracey. We get more details about how she conducted research and set up a stall at local shopping centres. 

Crafty beginnings 

Kim joined us back in 2016 in our School Holiday Program. For the past year she’s enjoyed doing arts and craft activities with her support worker Tracey. 

They started off with excursions to Whiteman Park where they took photographs and made faux stained glass art. Kim really enjoyed this and was inspired by the wildlife around her. With a goal to find employment, she then decided to make use of her artistic skills to start her own business! 

Conducting market research 

Kim’s microbusiness journey began with doing research into the arts and craft products currently being sold in the community.  

Together they visited many different locations, including local swap meets and retail stores to get a feel of the different products on offer. Kim communicated with the stall holders at New Park shopping centre who gave her valuable business insight. 

With Tracey’s support Kim communicated with the Lions Club running the swap meet at New Park Shopping Centre. This opportunity helped her feel included and accepted in the community and provided valuable business insight. 

Holding her first stall 

After doing the research, they discovered a demand for her products at shopping centres. From here they spoke to centre managers about arranging a stall.  

Kim’s first stall was at Noranda. This was a good learning experience as it taught her to look for a quieter location with dimmer lighting. After this they set up shop at many different shopping centres, including Marangaroo, Kingsway, Carine, Dianella, and Wanneroo! 

One of Kim’s beautiful butterflies!

Setting up for success 

With a solid business plan in place, Kim is now building her brand and marketing her goods on a Facebook page, Kim’s Window Art. 

Kim makes a broad range of designs and often receives special requests from customers. Her butterfly artworks and Australian wildlife series are especially popular. Kim’s mum is very supportive of the business and helps manage her stock.  

As demand increases, Kim works with Tracey to manage her time and produce artworks efficiently. While non-verbal, she communicates with her customers through hand gestures and a communication tablet. She’s also building key retail skills like customer service and taking the lead in manning her stall.  

Keep up the fantastic work Kim! We wish you the best of luck as you expand your art business. 

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